Welcome to Towas Kiddies Entertainment

Funtastic fun all day long, with loads of exciting party games & amazing unique activities.  A pleasant experience to behold  at Towas Kids Entertainment parties

My name is Alayoteju Onasanya, the overseer of Towas Kids Entertainment company. The organisational style of our company is amazing and fresh, as we ensure that every fun activity we organise is unique, styled & designed to achieve your objective. Our company is a full time professional entertainers for over 11years now. we ensure, you, your, your child and your party guest are fully entertained. We specialise in interactive & participatory entertaining activities. Our parties are sensational,  as kids burst out with energy, dancing, laughing all day long. Our party entertainers are highly skilled and experienced in  party games  activities. Through our disc jockey (DJ) services, our entertainment experience spread across, birthday parties, landmark birthday celebration, christening, wedding, and even  roadshows.

From the various theme party we can offer,  every child  has the opportunity to express  his/her interest in entertaining. As a professional kids party entertainer, what gives me & my team satisfaction & joy is when celebrant & guests ask for more even when we have exceeded our time limit. We get  quite a number of our job from recommendation from existing client who we have organised their event successfully. 
Every parent, organisation,  company, even community, require different entertaining services. Towas has a wealth of entertaining activities to satisfy their objectives.
We are sure you will  find what you need here to make your party funtastic. 
So contact us as we promise to surpass your imagination.